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A Restless Nomad

I’m writing this in Goreme, Turkey on the patio of our hotel. There’s a cool breeze rustling through the trees and in front of me I can see a vast landscape of rock jutting up high into the air. Every so often I can see windows and doors cut out into this rock telling me that these rocks are homes to people living in this area. Behind me is my hotel room – also in a cave inside of rock. It’s idyllic really. Idyllic is the best word to describe everything that I’ve seen and done over the past month and now in Goreme, my second to last stop, I am coming to the realization of how sad I am that it is soon to be over. 

I know that I’ve talked about the excitement I have of coming home – and I am very excited to go home next…

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Educational Limbo: Prologue

The annoying thing about online blogs is the fact that they give you a false sense of community. I thought I had a new follower today, only to realize that it was yet another “snowboarder” advertising the fact that he earns a living monetizing off of his blog. At the slight chance that a real person is taking the time out of their day to read this post, I welcome you into the prologue of the series: Educational Limbo.


It’s important to note that the purpose of the life is to live.

To live you need sustenance: food/water at the most basic level.

To get said food/water you need money.

To get money you need a job.

For a decent paying job that your parents won’t judge you for, that your relatives won’t judge you for, that’s not frowned upon by a larger misinformed percentage of your culture (which may or may not to be African), you need to be a doctor, lawyer, or carry the vague title of “businesswoman”.

In order to be one of those professionals you need a graduate education.

In order to get into a graduate school you need to have connections be a perfect undergraduate student, with perfect grades and volunteer/work experience that rivals Gandhi.


The fact that my grades are FAR from perfect, means that my ascension up the life pyramid has come to a saddening halt. In fact, when I was climbing up the pyramid and almost reached the ‘graduate education’ level, I slipped on my academic transcript, fell below the ‘undergraduate education’ level, and now a heard of overly eager 18 year olds are trampling over my broken pride as they steal my spot.

As I sit here, in my parents’ house, in the room I sat in when I was 18 and stupid  hopeful, I can’t help but cry  laugh. I’m a hollow shell filled only with ‘regret juice’ made from the fruits of my useless labor through four and a half years of undergraduate training and a useless Biology degree. **Yes, being in this position has made me dramatic**

Of course I can’t finish this post without talking about my “Blame list”. This isn’t all my fault! I have a list that I will go through, and rightfully blame everyone involved in this mess (starting with The Parentals).


Stay tuned…………





So I created this WordPress account so that if I went through an annoying experience, I could share it in an easy to read manner in the form of “How to: Not Do What I Did” type thing. Lately I’ve been so busy with school that I haven’t kept up this blog.  My current location inhibits me from writing anything that is not a personal statement, teacher recommendation request, or updated medical school list. Where am I you ask?




It’s a dark and scary place where hopes are crushed, dreams are shattered, and reality becomes all TOO REAL. Yes I’m being dramatic, but a year and some change out college, with a Biology degree, unemployed, living at home, unable to get into medical/graduate school will do that to a person!

Details will follow.

(I’ll try to post an entry every other day—there is A Lot of ground to cover.)



Went Fishing, Caught Nothing

HEEEEEEEYYYY so I was supposed to write several blog posts, BUT school happened. I tried to start some entries but they all sounded rushed and forced. Like, the title of one was “How to: NOT to pull your hair out when applying to medical school”.

Anyways, I found the time to join tumblr. Big distraction. But best decision ever.

Follow me if you’d like: I reblog a lot of anime, kpop, harry potter, lord of the rings, food, and traveling things. Yes, I am 22 not 13.